Longest Starving Animals In The World

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Strange Animals That Can Survive Hunger for Years

If we humans do not eat food for a day, our body becomes weak, and it becomes difficult to walk. Then, anger also starts increasing, and we start getting bored of everything except food. But if we think ‘Longest Starving Strange Animals In The World.’

There are such animals in the World that can survive for ten years without eating anything. It is not a matter of one week, month, or year.

Here, we have brought mysterious and research-based content about this strange creature of the World that remains hungry for long periods.

Moreover, the creature known as the longest-hungry creature in the World can remain hungry for up to 30 years. And another amazing animal that survives without drinking a single drop of water.

It will also give interesting information about these two creatures, which are considered mysterious in the World.

Also, how long can the domesticated and wild animals around us remain hungry? And how long can we humans survive without food and water?
Interesting material has also been included to clarify all these topics.

But to know all such interesting and mysterious information, you are requested to read this article till the end.

Now, without wasting your precious time, let us directly get into today’s topic.

The interesting facts about animals that survive without food for years

While presenting the description of animals that remain hungry for a long time, it would be appropriate for us to place the frog in the first place.

If you understand the secret of frogs that can remain hungry without eating anything for a year, then it will be easy to understand clearly how other animals can remain hungry.

So let us know how frogs can remain hungry for a year and what the scientific reason or secret is that they can remain hungry.

How is a frog able to remain hungry for more than a year?

Where do so many frogs go in the cold season, which bothers us by shouting during the rainy season? We don’t even know.

Do they all die? No.

Not all frogs die like this. However, some frogs die due to adverse conditions. But most adult frogs hibernate under the soil, some under rocks and bushes.

But we might be curious about what hibernation is. And how do they do it?

Hibernating snake: Longest Starving Strange Animals
NYC – Bronx – Bronx Zoo – House of Reptiles – Anaconda” by Wallyg is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What is the Hibernation?

Hibernation is a static body process that enables animals to survive even in times of starvation.

Hibernation is a condition that applies to the bodies of some animals in the winter season.
This process is applied to the bodies of some animals when they do not easily get food and cannot move out due to very cold conditions or adverse situations.

It can also be understood in simple language that hibernation is a type of deep sleep that animals get in the cold season.

Once the hibernation begins, an animal can drastically conserve body energy and survive in adverse weather or for long periods without eating or moving.

Usually, during hibernation, the body temperature of the animal drops significantly. Apart from this, his heart rate and breathing rate are also very slow.

So that their body does not have to spend much energy.

In other words, in the state of hibernation, the metabolic process, i.e. the process of converting the food we eat into energy by the body cells, becomes very slow or reaches almost zero.

And in such a situation, a little energy stored in the body makes it possible to live for a long time.

frog: Longest Starving Strange Animals
Photo by garten-gg on Pixabay

How do frogs hibernate for living hunger?

Frogs also hibernate silently or without moving under the ground, in the bushes of caves, or some safe secret place and come out again when the rains are favourable.

In this way, frogs hidden under the ground in a safe cave or hibernation sleep peacefully without eating or drinking anything for a whole year.

However, according to frog experts, it is said that some species of frogs hibernate for up to 16 months in the bark of trees, under the soil, and in the cracks of rocks without eating anything in adverse conditions and during the rainy season.

Thus, after briefly understanding the hibernation process of starving animals.
Let us move on to information about the major animals that survive starvation for months or even years.

Do all animals can live hungry by hibernating in winter?

Some animals, such as frogs, hibernate and can remain hungry for long periods. However, It should not be understood that all animals are capable of remaining hungry for long periods through the process of hibernation.

Because some large-bodied animals can survive starvation for very long periods through processes other than hibernation; for example, we can see a camel that can live for months without food.

Longest Starving Strange Animals in the World

There are so many animals in the World that can live for months, even years, without food and without applying hibernation.

Now we discuss below some of the ‘Longest Starving Strange Animals In The World’.


Let us first discuss the secrets of the camel concerning animals capable of remaining hungry for long periods. An animal can go hungry for more than 45 days without hibernating and can go without drinking water for up to 2/3 weeks.

Camel: Longest Starving Strange Animals
Photo by Wolfgang_Hasselmann on Pixabay

How can a camel walk without food for a long time in the desert?

The camel spends several days crossing desert areas, putting weight on its back. But there is neither grass nor water in such desert areas.

How many of you would think that camels accumulate water or food in their back? But this is not true.
Such things are only stories told about camels in our childhood.

Because the bags that are on the back of the camel, called hump, cannot keep food or water in that type of hump.

Such bags are fatty tissue, i.e., fat-rich muscles, which are organs that play a major role in storing camel energy.

During the desert trip, when energy is required in the camel’s body, the fat stored in the bag on the back converts into the body’s essential energy.

Thus, camels can survive without food for about one and a half to 2 months using the energy obtained through the fat stored in the body and cross the long journey to the desert.

Kangaroo rat

On this earth, many animals are also such a type strange; they live their whole life without drinking water.

In the list of such an animal, the Kangaroo Rat is an unbelievable animal. Kangaru rat is an animal that can live entire life without drinking water.

Kangaroo rats are found in desert regions of the southern and western United States.

The next leg of the Kangaru rat is small, and the back legs are large, and when standing, it resembles a kangaroo. This is why it is called a kangaroo rat.

They eat seeds of grass growing in dry areas. And they never look for water in life.

But the surprising thing is that they are mammals, and after giving birth to the child, they feed the child for two weeks and urinate from time to time.

Kangaroo rat can live without water :Longest Starving Strange Animals
Ord’s Kangaroo rat, Alberta” by Andy Teucher is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

How does the kangaroo rat live a whole life without water?

Now, this question can easily arise in our minds: How do they make milk and urine?

That is why we say that this is a wonderful structure filled with the strangeness of God. Wherever you look, it looks surprising.

Indeed, according to scientific research about kangaroo mice, they can keep their body hydrated by absorbing small amounts of water in the air.

The body of carbohydrates, protein, and fat obtained from food eaten by mice oxidizes and, through the metabolic process, makes the body a required amount of moisture.

In addition, their kidney works in a separate process than other animals, i.e. their kidney can purify the blood without using water.

Apart from this, mice whose body temperature is always high. So that they do not need to control body temperature by sweating like humans or other animals.

Not only this but the characteristics of their intestines are made in such a way that they do not require any moisturizing system to digest food.

For this reason, the kangaroo rat neither feels thirsty nor does its body ask for water.

Therefore, even though they do not drink water, they are getting great benefits from the little water produced by the body system.

Can the wild and domestic animals around us also live long hungry?

The simple answer is yes!

Our surrounding wild animals and pets have also been hungry for a long time because of different reasons.

Many forest animals can not be hunted for many days or months in the forest. At this time, these animals can live for many days, even months, because of the energy accumulated in the body.

But which of our surrounding wild animals and pets live long without food? How long can they be fasting? And How they live while fasting.

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friends, dog, pet
Photo by Seaq68 on Pixabay

Animals Survive Without Food For Decades In The World

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Have fun 🥰

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