Strange Fasting Power of Animals in the World

Elephant: Strange fasting power of animals

Wild and domestic animals that can live long with fasting

You may be curious about whether the wild and domestic animals living around us fast or not. If they do, why do they do so? And which animals can live hungry for how long? So, This blog is for you which is about the ‘Strange Fasting Power of Animals in the World’

It is true that wild or domestic animals also fast around us, and these animals remain hungry longer than we think.

In our previous article, we presented a report about the world’s strange animals who remain hungry for years. Also, the hibernation process was explained.

If you do not have information about how animals can live for a long time through hibernation, then you must see this article.

Today, in this article, which wild and domestic animals around us can survive hungry for how long? We are going to present an interesting presentation in this regard.

Our surrounding wild animals and pets have also been hungry for a long time because of different reasons.

Many forest animals cannot hunt in the forest for days or months due to lack of food or their health condition. At this time, these animals can survive for many days and even months with the energy stored in the body.

Which of our surrounding wild animals and pets live long without food? how long can they with starvation? and How they live while fasting.

Now, Let’s see the facts.

fox, Strange Fasting Power of Animals
Photo by AlainAudet on Pixabay

Fasting Capacity Of Different Pets & Wild Animals Around Us

Among the animals around us that can remain hungry, herbivorous animals like giraffes, elephants, and rhinoceros can easily remain hungry for a week.

Whereas predatory animals like tigers, lions, foxes, and eagles are not affected, even if they do not get food for 2 weeks.

Similarly, domesticated animals like cats and horses are counted among the animals that can survive without food for up to 3 weeks.
Whereas animals like domesticated dogs and wild leopards are found capable of living without food for up to a month.

On the other hand, cockroaches in our house and earthworms in the field. About them, it doesn’t matter even if we don’t get anything to eat for 2 months.

For this, the energy stored in their body plays a good role in protecting them even when they are without food.

Like this, we can name many such animals that remain hungry for a long time.

These amazing animals can survive by fasting for very long

1. Galapagos tortoises

If we talk about the starvation of animals living both on land and in water, then Galapagos tortoises are also counted among the world-famous hungry animals.

Because Galapagos tortoises can survive for up to 1 year without eating anything.
More importantly, turtles of this species can store water in their bodies for up to a year.

Closeup Photo of Galapagos Tortoise
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels

2. Scorpios

Similarly, the scorpions that we see in our homes or our fields also come in the list of mysterious hungry creatures.

Which can survive without food for a long time or even for a year.
When a scorpion eats, it can eat to its fill.

And once they eat, they go to a quiet place to rest and conserve their energy.

Wherever they go, they accumulate energy, remain seated, and can survive easily even if they have not had food for a year.

3. Penguin Birds

If we talk about birds that can survive for a long time without hunger, then perhaps the penguin bird is at the forefront. It can survive without food for up to 4 months.

Moreover, their compulsive story of living hungry is even more painful.

Penguins are famous all over the world not only for their beauty. Furthermore, they are a popular animal for tourists around the world because of their mystery or strangeness.

In the icy regions where penguins are found, including Antarctica. There was a shortage of fish due to the extreme cold, and female penguins travelled long distances at that time. They travel even up to 100 km in search of food.

However, the male penguins of the emperor species are considered to be the most amazing in the world. They send the females far away in search of food, wherever they find fish.

And in such a situation, male penguins take responsibility for their eggs and children.
Typically, penguin eggs need to be kept warm for about 2 months to hatch.

At such a time, the male penguin is unable to leave the nest and go out in search of prey. Due to this, he is forced to remain hungry for months.

Not only this, penguins are famous around the world as animals that can remain hungry for up to 4 months in adverse weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and breeding activities.

4. Spiders

We can also see in our house or nearby that a spider is waiting to trap some insect in its web. It’s okay if some get trapped, but some don’t…

That is why it is said that a spider can easily survive even if it does not get food for 3.4 months.
However, experts have discovered that some species of spiders can survive for a year without any kind of food.

5. Polar Bears

When it comes to naming any mammal that remains hungry for a long time, we can never forget the bear.

Because any bear can easily survive hungry for a month.

However, the story of the suffering of the snow bear or white bear found in the Northern Hemisphere or the Himalayan region is a little different and painful.

Bears that live on icy seas or in the Himalayas often lack food in winter when everywhere is covered with snow.
But even in such adverse weather, polar bears can survive hunger for 3-4 months.

However, some people believe that polar bears hibernate and survive hunger for long periods. However, the researcher’s reports have not confirmed this.

Bear research has shown that they do not hibernate during the winter. Rather, they go to a secluded place or cave and sleep comfortably for several days.

To maintain the strength of their body, they rest their body, like hibernating, so that they can reduce their metabolic process by half.

Not only that, research has also shown that when they sleep like this, they can not only eat, drink, and exercise. They may even remain without regular defecation or urination for more than 3.4 months.

But when the cold season ends and the warm season begins, these bears become active again and start storing energy in their bodies.

Fasting of Reptiles

Now, we are going to discuss some such creatures whose nature is different from those of these animals, and they have an amazing tendency to live hungry for a long time or even for years.

One such amazing animal is the reptile or snake species, which can survive for a year without eating anything.

6. Ball Pythons

Ball Python is a strange creature among reptiles. Adult Ball Python likes to go fasting and can live comfortably even if one gets food once a month.

How long can Ball Python fast without food?

It’s normal for adult ball pythons to sometimes not eat for 3-4 months, and they can go up to 6 Months without food.

Since pythons sleep more than 18 hours a day, their physical energy consumption decreases. But pythons do not hibernate.

ball python, Strange Fasting Power of Animals
Photo by Beachbumxotics on Pixabay

7. Snakes

Snakes are well-known creatures living with fasting. Do you know snakes disappear in the winter season? But where do they go, actually? Now, let us look at the disappearance of snakes and their fasting.

Brumation And Fasting Of Snakes

Some snakes go into a type of hibernation in winter, which we call brumation. In this way, snakes in the state of brumation can live for 1 year without eating anything.

Especially during the cold season, snakes hide under the soil, in a hole, or in the bushes for a long time.

Their process of sleeping in a secluded place without moving is similar to hibernation.
But the process of snakes sleeping semi-conscious is not called hibernation. This process of snake is called brumation in the language of science.

In cold weather, snakes may not sleep completely and may move around for some time or may even move outside for some time. Hence, their shedding process is called brumation rather than hibernation.

Secondly, these cold-blooded reptiles cannot regulate their body temperature according to the weather during cold weather.

To be more specific, their bodies do not need to be warmed up in winter like humans or other animals do. As a result, their body’s energy does not be used to heat their body.

Similarly, in winter, their metabolic rate also reduces by about 70 per cent, and energy is stored in the body.

Besides, by sleeping without movement for a long time, their body’s energy also remains saved for a long time.

This way, reptiles or snakes can live hungry for an entire year.

Snake, Strange Fasting Power of Animals
Florida Pine Snake” by MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fasting Capacity Of Aquatic Creatures

Till now, we have discussed the starvation of land animals with some examples,
we also learned about the scientific secret of the ability to survive hunger.

But now let us take information about those strange aquatic creatures; they also have the great ability to bear hunger.

Can whales and sharks also live with fasting?

The world’s largest aquatic animals, such as whales and sharks, can also remain hungry for months.

The whale is a creature living in the sea, which we also call a whale fish, but in scientific classification, it is not classified as a fish.

Because whales breathe with lungs like humans, their blood is warm. They are mammals that give birth to children and feed milk. Therefore, they are not classified as fish.

8. Fasting Of Humpback whales

Among the whales, the humpback whale is included in the global conservation list. It can live without eating anything for 6 months.

Its secret is that whales of this species, about 50 feet long, eat a lot of food during the summer season. And a large amount of fat gets accumulated in their body.

Even though they don’t eat anything for several months in winter, due to the same stored fat, the body gets energy, and it does not make any difference even with a long fast.

Apart from this, their daily activities are also very slow during the winter season. Hence, their body energy is not spent much.

9. Fasting Of Sharks

On the other hand, sharks, which are considered dangerous fish for humans, are also counted among those capable creatures. which can survive hunger for a long time.

However, sharks are considered voracious creatures, as a single white shark can eat more than 10 tons of food in a year.
However, once the stomach is full, even if this fish does not get food for 3 months, it does not make any difference in its survival.

whale tail over blue sea during daytime
Photo by Vipin Kumar on Unsplash

There may be more animals in the world that live long without food or with fasting, we will present them on the next blog.

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