Amazing Pathibhara Dham: All You Need To Know Before You Go

Amazing Pathibhara Dham

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What is the glory of Pathibhara Shrine, and how can you reach there?

The historical and amazing Pathibhara Dham in the far north-east of Nepal is a famous religious tourist area, which is believed to be the abode of Goddess Mother Pathibhara, known as the Pilgrims’ wishes fulfilling goddess. On this page, we mainly explain all the details about how to visit pathibhara temple.

In Nepal, religious places are called Dham, Tirtha, etc., while the religious places with the power of the Goddess are also called ‘Shakti Pith.’ So, Phathibhara Temple (Holy Place) is also one of the most famous Shakti Piths of Nepal.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Photo by rabin_Bhattarai on Pixabay

More than a million visitors are estimated to visit the Pathibhara Dham area yearly because Dham’s glory and popularity are increasing yearly.

Therefore, we have decided to give all the necessary information to visitors about the amazing Pathibhara Dham who do not know everything about it.


Along with the trip to Pathibhara Dham, if you are willing to visit the Ilam district, which is considered to be the tourist capital of east Nepal, we have presented all the travel details in the Previous Article.
If you are thinking of visiting other famous places in Eastern Nepal along with Pathibhara at almost the same cost, you should first read this article, and you will get all the detailed information from there.
Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham and Its Ever-growing Popularity


The previous article taught us how to travel by air and land to Pathibhara and along site tourist destinations of far east Nepal.

Also, the mentioned information shows how to reach Suketar (Taplejung District), a place near Pathibhara Dham, and has been informed.

This article details all the necessary information on the journey from Suketar to Pathibhara Dham. Please read till the end to benefit.

The Journey From Suketar (Taplejung) To Pathibhara Dham

Suketar is a transit point from which to visit Pathibhara Dham. It is situated 10 kilometres east of Fungling Bazar, the headquarters of Taplejung district. Here is Suketar Airport too. Its altitude is 2394m.

Proceed from Suketar (Taplejung)

Going on a Pathibhara Dham visit, the journey from Suketar will be tricky but very interesting.

If you cannot walk much or are with family when you go to Pathibhara, don’t stay overnight at Suketar or Fungling Bazar.

If you stay there, the distance of the next day’s journey is longer than you can walk. So your travel time may be extended by one more day, or it may not be easy to reach Pathibhara and return early.

It is to be remembered that the road ahead of Suketar is under construction until writing these lines. It may get worse during the rainy season.

So, until the road is entirely constructed, it is customary to keep a private car or bike at a hotel in this place by paying an average security fee. All do the same.

Then, travel with local powerful hill vehicles to reach Kafle pati (Sano fedi).
However, some of the skilled riders of the bike take their bike to Kafle pati (Sano fedi).

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Historical image before reconstruction “Suketar airstrip” by Kogo is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Staying at Kafle Pati (Sano Fedi)

After travelling for about an hour in a local vehicle, you will reach a place called Kafle Pati, also called Sano Fedi or Lower Fedi, where you can stop your journey today and settle down. This place is also known as Tallo Fedi. (Altitude 2795 meters)

There are dozens of hotels with accommodation facilities in Sano Fedi (Kafle Pati), so food is not a problem. However, depending on the season, there may be more crowds.

If you go during peak season and arrive late in the evening, you may not be able to get a personal room in the hotel. However, the facility of sleeping in a communal room on separate beds should not be deprived of.

Don’t forget to charge your mobile there

Don’t forget to keep your mobile phone charged at night because there may not be a possibility of charging the mobile tomorrow, and you will miss capturing precious moments.

Beyond that point, mobile networks also work sporadically.

A surprising religious trend in local hotels of the Pathibhara region

The tradition of fantastic guest service is still alive in Nepal’s religious and social traditions.
You don’t have to pay the bill for what you stayed that night in the hotel; you can leave the next day without asking for the total amount.

When the writer’s team tried to pay for the food they had eaten at night, they refused to accept it at the hotel. Because that is the custom there. Everyone moves early in the morning without paying money.

Even if there was a crowd of thousands of people, our names, addresses, and phone numbers were also not registered.

But when the pilgrims return, some stay in the same place or change. Most of them move down to Taplejung. But no one ever forgets to pay the bill while returning. Say hoteliers.
A unique pattern of religious beliefs was maintained there.

In addition, the hoteliers are helpful; They will remind you about the necessity of hot water, a walking stick, a hat, strong shoes, an umbrella, a rainproof jacket, medicine, etc., whatever you need walking in the morning.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Pathibhara Thulo Phedi” by Pratap Baniya is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

You can also stay at Thulo Fedi (Closer To Pathibhara Dham)

There is also an alternative to Sano Fedi: staying at Thulo Fedi at night if you arrive early.
After about an hour’s north walk uphill, you will reach the Thulo Fedi (Upper Fedi). There are also hotels with suitable arrangements for food and accommodation.

From here, it is closer to traveling to Pathibhara Dham tomorrow morning. So, almost half of the pilgrims are found to stay at this place.
This place is also called Upper Fedi or Chiruwa. The altitude of this place is 3150 meters.

Things to bring and leave During the trekking

Before heading towards Pathibhara in the early morning or starting the journey on foot, you must pay special attention to the things you must bring and leave behind.
Because carrying unnecessary items can make your hiking trip very complicated.

Please Note That Shops are not available after heading from Thulo Fedi Bazar. Also, in the Pathibhara pilgrimage site area, it is rare to find any shop.

Therefore, keep the necessary materials in a handbag or backpack and leave the main bag with all the materials at the hotel.

Essential things to take on a trekking trip to Pathibhara Dham

  1. Be sure to bring an umbrella or raincoat and wear comfortable and warm clothes with woolen hats because the weather there can change instantly, and it may rain or sometimes snow immediately.
  2. Worshipping (pooja) materials as you wish (like incense, lamp wicks, flowers, colors, coconut, fruits, sweets, cosmetics, offerings, liters, etc.)
  3. Trekking sticks: per person, one or two
  4. A little fried corn or flour (satu): If you have symptoms of altitude sickness, it works well (it is the custom in the locality).
  5. Necessary water bottles: There is no water source on uphill.
  6. Food items as you wish: light fruit, snack, noodles, biscuit, chiura, Murai, chew gum, dal bhut, bhajia, chips, or any other you like.
  7. Energy drinks: Cane juices, etc.
  8. Please note whether shoes and slippers are suitable for walking uphill. Do not wear shoes with high heels and light slippers, too.
  9. Mobile, wallet, and personal medicine if necessary, etc

If you stay at night in Sano Fedi, don’t forget that there are enough shops selling tea, water, snacks, and other materials on the way up to the Thulo Fedi Bazar (Upper Fedi).

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Way to pathibhara temple” by Hari gurung77 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Essential facts about Pathibhara’s journey you must know

You may also have heard various misleading and rumoured facts about Pathibhara’s visit. But based on our travel experience, Nothing is impossible or something to be afraid of on this tour.

Instead, this visit can be an exciting and unforgettable feeling. It can be as easy as visiting an average-altitude mountain tourist destination elsewhere.
So, it is better to know these fundamental facts about Pathibhara Yatra.

Walking time and conditions

Wherever you are at night, try to get up early and move on time. Some travellers have been walking since 2/3 o’clock in the morning.
But you can also move with the rising after drinking tea and hot water.

Because even if you start your journey on foot at 6/7 in the morning, you can return to the same place (Fedis) in the evening after visiting Pathibhara Dham.

However, if you could return early (on 3/4), you will get the vehicle to Phungling Bazar, the headquarters of Taplejung District. You can enjoy it there in high-class hotels or resorts.

mountain scenery views from Amazing Pathibhara Dham
The view seen from Pathibhara Temple of Taplejung District Nepal 02” by Rabinika is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The condition of the footpath leading to Pathibhara Dham

The footpath is now well constructed. Walking wasn’t easy in the past, and one had to go by hand. But now, the Pathibhara Development Committee has made stone steps and prepared an easy path to walk with 8/10 feet wide.

Duration of trekking or reaching Pathibhara shrine

It may take 3/4 hours on foot to reach Pathibhara Dham if you move from Sano Fedi (Kafle Pati), and if you move from Thulo Fedi (Chiruwa), it will take 2/3 hours.

But this period of journey is for ordinary, healthy people.
For the patient, elderly, and children, it takes more time to reach. Even after spending 4/5 hours going, people fulfil their desire to reach Pathibhara Dham.

The return time is halved

It won’t take long to come back because the path will descend. The main mysterious thing, the power of Pathibhara Mata, will be received in your body, and you will feel agile and light. So, the path will feel very short and easy.

How much height to cross?

Regarding the altitude, to reach Pathibhara Dham, if you spend the night at the Sano Fedi, you have to climb 1000 meters, and if you stay at the Thulo Fedi, you have to cross 650 meters.

Facilities for disables

Until the writing of this article, there was no facility for disabled people who could not travel on foot and wanted to ride horses on this route. Maybe it was impossible because the path was very steep and had steps.
But for the disabled and the sick, there is a paid facility for human-carrying to deliver to Dham through various means.

Is it difficult hiking?

Although, the footpath to Pathibhara is considered to be a very steep path. However, the Pathibhara Management and Development Committee has built a path with stone steps up to the shrine. So, the pain of the slippery climb has ended. The trekking has become more accessible.

You will get more encouragement in the journey as you can see that 4/5-year-old children to 70/80-year-olds walk easily along the way.

Resting cottages are available enough in the path. You can go slowly with doing rest.

The footpath to Pathibhara is forested and full of natural calm and scenic views. Also, if you go in April and May, you will see the Laligurash flower blooming, and the whole hill will look red. You will be able to get lost in the enjoyment of that beautiful scene.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Pathibhara Temple 09” by Prabina Karki is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Is there a possibility of high altitude sickness?

Since Pathibhara Dham itself is at a height of about 3800 meters, you don’t need to go higher than that.
Generally, this is not the height at which a healthy person can have altitude sickness. So there is nothing to be afraid of.

But those who are a little weak and unhealthy, those who are not able to walk, asthma patients, and significantly older adults may feel uncomfortable with normal breathing.

Although the problem of high altitude is rare, please take the following precautions:

  • No matter how healthy and agile you are, walk slowly; never walk speedily or jog fast.
  • Drink water or juice occasionally, or be hydrated.
  • Take a five to ten-minute walk and rest according to your health.
  • Do not starve the very weak patients, children, and the elderly because you need the strength to climb such heights
  • Rest if breathing becomes difficult. Drink a little water, eat a little corn flour or satu, and take the smell of it.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Laliguras during the blooming season, but stay away from the smell of this flower throughout the journey, as its aroma is intoxicating.
  • If it is difficult to breathe, do not go up; rest for a while; if it doesn’t improve your condition, come down back. How much as low as altitude, you feel decreased symptoms.
  • After returning, take a soup, follow the advice of the local hotel and try to go the next day with new energy in your body or think about the option of being delivered by people.
  • It will be easier to walk with the help of sticks while travelling uphill or downhill. So keep the stick with you.

All these are just things to be cautious about; you will see people from 3/4 years to 80 years old on the way anywhere. So don’t think about altitude sickness.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
IMG_8189 a typical trend of using thread by the pilgrims on their way to pathibhara” by Great Himalaya Trails is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The secret of light and agile body when returning from Pathibhara visit (it takes only half the time to return)

Another mysterious aspect of the Pathibhara visit is that it takes only half the time to return.

As the devotees say, the almighty supernatural power of Mata Pathibhara is such that all the pains and fatigues of the journey are removed by reaching the shrine region and performing the worshipping (Pooja).
As the body becomes light, the muscles feel healed, and the pains are over; there is no difficulty in returning. So, one can go down very quickly.

Understand the lack of water and food items

Pathibhara Dham area is at the top of the hill, so water is lacking. The management committee tries to collect rainwater or fog water using modern technology.

So, there is a possibility that you will be able to wash your hands and feet before entering the temple premises. But it may be out of stock.

Drinking water should be taken by yourself when you come here. In addition, it is forbidden to shop in the shrine area (perhaps because of the fear of environmental pollution?). So you may feel hungry and thirsty after visiting. The light snacks and water you have taken will be like nectar at that time.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Kanchanjangha range” by Po0zan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Enjoy the Artificial, Natural, and Supernatural Beauties of Pathibhara Dham

Pathibhara Dham complex is very beautiful. As soon as you reach this area on the top of the hill, you will forget all the pain and fatigue. And the feeling of reaching transcendental bliss.

On reaching the main gate (entrance door) of Pathibhara Dham, a new sense of heavenly bliss is felt, and all the pains of the walk gradually fade away.

With the peace, coolness, open environment, green slopes, and the amazing feeling of God’s abode in that place, which can be found in such a secluded place surrounded by the forest at such a height, you will feel lost in a divine region.

Then there, you will see many beautiful things in the Pathibhara Dham site, some are as below:

  • Huge, beautiful, and smiling idol of Goddess Pathibhara (perhaps the biggest idol of Goddess in Nepal)
  • Thousands of copper and brass bells, lamps, kalas, plates, trishuls, ornaments, and idols of various shapes and sizes are seen everywhere.
  • Even in such a difficult place, modern paths, stone-laid temple courtyards, Inns (Dharamshalas), flower parks, helipads, gates, steps, etc.
  • Apart from Hanuman, the gods and goddesses are kept inside the temple’s roof in the Hindu world, but the idol of the Pathibhara goddess is installed in an open place where there is neither a roof nor a temple. Everything here looks pretty mysterious.

Apart from that, with the line of sacred thread visible across the road, the Bheti (money) scattered everywhere, and the religious atmosphere in everything, one feels supernatural joy.

Get lost in Surrounding nature and mountain views in Amazing Pathibhara Dham

If you are lucky and the weather is clear, you will be eager to capture many exciting and mesmerizing scenes.

When the weather clears from the Pathibhara temple complex, one can enjoy the beauty of the following mountains.

The fun of walking or playing on the snow

Due to the high altitude of Pathibhara Dham, it snows with a slight change of season. If the weather is bad, you will enjoy the sight of snow on the road and the temple premises.

But if the weather is clear, enjoy the Himalayan scenery.

And according to the season, there are lovely scenes of different-coloured forests where the flowers bloom.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Pathibhara Temple 01” by Prabina Karki is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The ancient mystery, Pathibhara’s meaning and origin

‘Pathi’ means a kind of old vessel for measuring or storing grains made of Copper or brass, and ‘Bhara’ means the act of being filled with the grace of the Goddess. Or, as a whole, ‘Pathibhara’ means the divine power of being filled with wealth, crops, or fulfilling one’s wishes.

Pathibhara Dham is an ancient mythological shrine. So many legends can be heard about the origin of Dham. In ancient times, there was a custom of keeping sheep.
Sometimes, many sheep get lost in that place, and they search for a reason for the loss.
Sometimes, the Goddess informed the shepherds in their dreams that she was in that hilly place.
After all these divine events, people started worshipping there as the Pathibhara goddess, and everything was fine again.

The secret of finding money everywhere

From the beginning of the trekking path, a lot of money is scattered along the way, and countless devotees are seen offering metal and paper money to many idols called ‘Bheti’ (Money).
Also, the money offered to goddesses is visible everywhere at the shrine complex.

At first, the money (Bheti) was a lot of paper money rotted by the sun and water, but it was customary for no one to use it.
Later, pilgrims asked Pathibhara’s mother for a loan and started a business, taking some money. Later, they became successful. Many People began to do the same.
Some people told us how they became rich in this way.

Still, the practice of exchanging the temple’s offered money, keeping it in purses or places of worship, and investing in business can be seen among devotees. By doing so, it is believed that one’s economic status will increase.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham
Nepal Trek 2023 (Nepal, October – December 2023) – 6” by Bruno Rijsman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Institutional development of Pathibhara Dham

Pathibhara Area Management Committee was formed a few decades ago. Which started the institutional development and management of this holy place.

There is an arrangement of priests and staff. Therefore, there is no situation where the money offered at Pathibhara Dham will be misused or rotted as in the past.

The money donated by the devotees is deposited in the organization’s cash and materials funds. The same fund is spent on employee salaries and infrastructure development.

According to the Pathibhara Area Development Committee, the metal coins offered here are worth hundreds of quintals and have been sent to Nepal Rashtra Bank for exchange.

New committee formation under the municipality for Pathibhara Dham

“The old committee is no longer associated with the Pathivara Temple. Since February 13, 2023, the temple has been managed by a new Pathivara Conservation and Management Committee formed by the rural municipality under its local Pathivara Conservation and Management Act.

Within only 100 days of operation, the new committee collected Rs. 6.6 million from offerings made to the temple”…

Rising nepal daily

Formation of the Pathibhara Area Development Board By Government Of Nepal

Due to the increasing popularity of the Pathibhara religious tourism area, the demand for the institutional development of this historic shrine was raised everywhere.
Because of this fact, the government of Nepal has also shown interest in managing this sector in recent years.
As a result, bodies have been formed even by the government.

“(1) A Board called the Pathibhara Area Development Board shall be formed for the social, economic, religious and cultural development of the Pathibhara Area.
(2) The Board constituted under Sub-section (1) shall consist of the following Members:-
(a) A person appointed by Government of Nepal – Chairperson …”

Nepal law commission

In the end,

In Pathibhara Dham, pregnant women, menstruating women, people whose relatives have recently died, and those who want to ask for revenge on anyone should not go there. If they visit the shrine, they get a negative result. Pilgrims say.

That’s all on this page about the famous and mysterious Pathibhara Dham.
Best wishes for your journey to Pathibhara Dham. Also, thank you very much for taking the time to read it.

Jay Pathibhara Mata.

Please Read for the Next part of the details about the Pathibhara Visit > Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham and Its Ever-growing Popularity

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