Mystery of the Pathibhara and Its Ever-growing Popularity

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham

Pathibhara shrine along Ilam trip in Eastern Nepal, Live feeling of heaven

Known as the country with the highest mountains worldwide, Nepal has a peaceful religious atmosphere and many mysterious and picturesque pilgrimage sites. Among these religious tourist destinations, we explain the mystery of the Pathibhara Dham and its growing glory in this article.

Pathibhara is the Name of the Sacred place, and Dham means pilgrimage site or shrine in Nepal.

This article includes all necessary factual information and mysteries related to the Pathibhara shrine (Dham).
It will benefit everyone curious about the Pathibhara religious site and those who want to visit eastern Nepal and the Ilam tourist sites.


The famous Pathibhara religious tourist site is in the Himalayan region in the far northeast of Nepal. According to the New Map of Nepal, under the Koshi province (No.1), it is about 20 km northeast of Fungaling Bazar, the headquarters of Taplejung District.

It is situated on a beautiful hilltop about 3794 meters (12444 feet) from sea level.

Pathibhara Dham is full of peaceful and beautiful forests around it; it is a frigid zone with 3/4 months of snow in winter. Nearby are the Kumbhakarna and Kanchenjunga mountain ranges to the north, and the tourist cities of Darjeeling, Sikkim, and other areas of India are near the East.

What kind of religious tourist area is Pathibhara Dham?

First, the Pathibhara Dham area should not be understood as a center for Hindus only because there are faiths and beliefs of different religions in this place of pilgrimage.

Apart from this fact, the Pathibhara tourist area and many other places on this route are also famous as Nepal’s most beautiful natural tourist areas.

Therefore, a trip to Pathibhara Dham is a fruitful and enjoyable destination for all, whether Hindu or not: nature lovers, tourists, researchers, or students of various disciplines.

To observe religious cultures, locality, and beautiful nature, people from outside of Nepal, the Indian states of Sikkim, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, other neighbouring countries Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and foreign tourists also visit this beautiful mountain pilgrimage site.

So, for some decades, the Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham and its Ever-growing Popularity have been notable facts.

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
Pathibhara Taplejung, Nepal” by Prabina Karki is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The secret of increasing public trust and popularity towards Pathibhara Dham

Pilgrims have been coming to Pathibhara Dham since ancient times. But in the last few decades, this trend has increased a lot, the possible reasons for which can be the following:

Growing trend for Belief towards religious places having female divine power

In Sanatani or Hindu religion, the female deity is Devi, Bhagwati, Mata, etc. Also, in this religion, like the male deity, the female deity is understood as a mighty and crucial divine power and is worshipped.

In Nepal, significant festivals such as Dashai and Tihar are celebrated, which are also based on the worship of female divine power.

Not only that, the well-known religious practices in Kathmandu of Nepal, declaring ‘Kumari’ (Virgin Goddess), the culture of worshipping Panchakanya (Unmarried five girls as a goddess) all over the country, etc., are also based on live female divine power.

In this way, the sacred place where female divine power is worshipped is also Called ‘Shaktipith’ in Nepal.

Among the ‘Shaktipiths’ in Nepal, the Ugratara temple in western Nepal and the Mankamana and Dakshinkali Bhagawati temples in central Nepal are famous. Likewise, devotees have given high importance to the power of Pathibhara Devi in eastern Nepal.

It is a widespread belief that the wishes of the pilgrims will be fulfilled.

It is not only in the Hindu religion but also in other religions of the world to go to the shelter of the Goddess and ask for something essential, which may be for health, child, property, or even success in a plan.
Asking for divine power to fulfil something self-wishes is called ‘Bhaakal’ in Nepal.

Based on their experience, Devotees say Goddess Pathibhara has excellent divine power. So, many people narrate stories of their wishes being fulfilled after visiting this place.

This way, the number of devotees who come here also increases because they believe they will get what they ask for in Pathibhara Dham.

The joy of traveling in the peaceful, natural beauty and blissful Himalayan region

The eastern region of Nepal is very eye-catching and significant from the point of view of tourism. Also, the Ilam district, located in the East of Nepal, is considered a natural heavenly place in Nepal.

In addition, the districts of Jhapa and Ilam in the East are also the capital of tea production in Nepal.

There are dozens of beautiful natural tourist spots in the four districts of far eastern Nepal, Jhapa, Ilam, Pachthar, and Taplejung, on the route to Pathibhara.

Moreover, the Pathibhara tourist area is located near the Himalayas, forested, beautiful, quiet, and filled with Nepal’s national flower, ‘Lali Gurash.’

Also, The Pathibhara Dham is situated on the Famous Kanchanjungha base camp Trekking route. The northern region of this pilgrimage site is the Kanchenjunga conservation region. Climbers of the world’s third highest mountain, Kanchanjungha Mountain, also use this route to visit these natural places.

Therefore, religious pilgrims, nature lovers, tourists, and study observers for various purposes may increasingly visit these places.

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
File: Mount Kanchenjungha.jpg” by Srijanmishra456 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Three Pathibhara divine places in Eastern Nepal should not be confused with identifying

First, Taplejung Pathibhara:

Taplejung Pathibhara Dham is an ancient historical site located in Taplejung district. We are going to discuss this in this article. The Goddess is considered to be the biggest or oldest. (altitude about 3800 meters)

Second, Ilam Pathibhara:

More than three decades ago, the sacred land was identified, and institutionalized development was started in the hilly district of Ilam. It is located in a very picturesque and peaceful place called Kutidada, the site of the Ilam Pathibhara pilgrimage.
She is also known as the second younger sister of Taplejung Pathibhara. (altitude about 1800 meters)

And the third, Jhapa Charali Pathibhara:

Paun Pathibhara pilgrimage site is located in a beautiful forest area near Mahendra Highway beside Charali Bazar in the Jhapa district of Terai.
This Goddess is also known as the Youngest sister of Taplejung Pathibhara. (Altitude about 132 meters)

Among these three Pathibharas, there is also a tradition of considering Taplejung Pathibhara as the head of the Goddess, Ilam Pathibhara as the body of the Goddess, and Jhapa Pathibhara as the feet of the Goddess.

Would you think of visiting all 3 Pathibhara sites?

As these three Pathibhara sites fall on the same travel route, devotees can easily visit the 3 Pathibhara holy places in the Jhapa, Ilam, and Taplejung districts, respectively.
But if you want to visit all 3 Pathibhara Dhams (Pilgrimage sites), you must spend one more day.

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
File: Kanyam heaven in earth.jpg” by Hari gurung77 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

On the route to Pathibhara, Many famous tourist areas of eastern Nepal

We said at the beginning that the visit to Eastern Nepal, including Pathibhara, is not only from a religious point of view but also a suitable destination for nature lovers and tourists.

Because the Jhapa, Ilam, and Pachthar districts are on the route to Pathibhara (Taplejung). There are many beautiful, peaceful, and blissful tourist destinations. Don’t miss the chance to visit almost at the same cost.

In Jhapa district

There are many such important religious and natural tourist sites in the Jhapa district of Terai, such as Satakshi Dham, Kanakai Dham (Kotihom), Jamunkhadi wetland, Dhanushkoti (Domukha), Arjundhara Dham, etc.

In Ilam District

Similarly, Ilam is famous for being Nepal’s most beautiful hill district. The most significant spot, Ilam Pathibhara Dham, is near the Mechi highway at Kutidada.

The Ilam district is considered the capital of the East for nature tourism.
There are Kanyam tourist areas, Sri Antu (famous for the spectacular sunrise view up to the Bay of Bengal), and Mai Pokhari, Sandakpur, etc., in Ilam.

In Pachthar District

Similarly, there are many beautiful tourist destinations, such as Sadhutar, Timvu Pokhri, and Miklajung, in the third district of Pachthar on this route.

So, If you are considering travelling to Pathibhara Dham, don’t miss the opportunity to see the scenic areas that can be visited by adding a little extra expense.

Among these picturesque places on this travel route, it would be appropriate to decide the itinerary based on what kind of place you like the most and how much time you can give.

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
Santhal Dance at Jhapa, Nepal” by Subarna Majhi is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Suitable time to travel to Pathibhara Religious tourist site

Since Pathibhara Dham is located in the Himalayan region, it is best to travel only during the favourable season.
There is a hazard of heavy rain during the rainy season and icy snow in winter; the journey becomes impossible in this condition.

Therefore, it will be good to go within two seasons: August, September, and October, one season, and February to May, another season.
But the season when you can see the beautiful view of Nepal’s national flower, Lali Gurash, in full bloom with red covering the hill is the months of April and May.

However, apart from Pathibhara Dham, visiting famous places in Eastern Nepal throughout the year would be easily possible.
But the journey to the hill zone will be more fruitful in the appropriate season.

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
The old image before the reconstruction of “Taplejung Airport” by bigataagat is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How to reach Taplejung Pathibhara Dham? Information about transport and travel routes

Air Route

If you are considering travelling by air while visiting Taplejung Pathibhara, there is a direct flight service from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur Airport (Jhapa District).

From Bhadrapur airport to Taplejung Headquarters Fungling Bazaar, 242 km Mechi Highway (7/8 hours) has to be travelled by vehicle.

After that, some short unpaved roads and walking trips to Pathibhara Dham will be given information later.

There is also Suketar Airport (2840m) near Pathibhara Dham. But at this airport, which is built in a high mountain area, there is a problem of suspension or postponement of air services during the rainy season and other adverse weather conditions.

Also, if you ignore the cost, you can reach the Suketar airport by helicopter from different places by chartering with a group or family.

But importantly,
In this way, if you use the air route, you will miss the opportunity to observe the most attractive tourist areas mentioned above, the beautiful and peaceful hilly scenery, a feeling of cool fresh air, and the foods of the hill markets.

Road Route

Regarding the road, wherever you are coming from, you must follow the Mechi highway, which diverges towards the North hill area at Charali Chowk point (a market 10 km north of Bhadrapur airport).

Mechi highway connects the Jhapa Ilam, Pachthar, and Taplejung districts. It is black-topped and moderately comfortable as a hill road.

But if you are coming from Siliguri, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam, Bhutan, Bangladesh, or Myanmar, you can enter Nepal through Pashupatinagar, a famous market bordering Nepal.

Also, you can use the Dharan Dhankuta route from the western region. But this road is under construction until the writing of this article.

Birtamod city (Jhapa) is the main center where you can get any vehicle to the hill region. Because buses, jeeps, cars, etc., will be readily available here.
So, getting down Birtamod and moving to the hill region is better. But if you are coming with an already booked vehicle to the direct hill region, there is no need to get down Birtamod.

Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
“File: Beautiful sunset at ilam Nepal.jpg” by Hari gurung77 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Would you enjoy riding a bike or taking a trip in a private or reserved vehicle?

If you come with your friends or family in a private or reserved car, jeep, bus, or motorcycle, the journey to Pathibhara Dham will be more enjoyable and comfortable.

Because public rental vehicles will not stop at any place to visit except for eating and drinking, you will lose all the beautiful tourist places to see.

This way, if you travel with friends, the trip will be more exciting and unforgettable as you can reach all the destinations of this mountain route easily.

Have the problem of motion sickness in travel? follow tips

If you have motion sickness, it can make you unhealthy, and the trip becomes distressful. So, be careful following some of the tips below.

  • It is a hilly route, where motion sickness can be more aggressive. So, don’t forget to take medicine one hour before starting the journey.
  • Do not eat sweets, pocket food, or milk tea during the journey. Keeping ginger or a clove in the mouth may be beneficial.
  • Never look at the mobile phone or any book during the journey. Ask for the front seat, open the window even if it is very cool, look at the front site, don’t talk more, stay silent, and enjoy slow music.
Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
File: Antu pokhari at antu dada ilam nepal.jpg” by Hari gurung77 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Accommodation, food, and security on the way

Nepal is a peaceful country for tourists; even more, this region is safe, with no doubt of insecurity.

This area is also an organized tourist hub in Nepal. You will find various attractive hotels, lodges, and resorts along the way.

In the cold of the hill, hot Thukpa, Nepali Mama, Ilam tea, Coffee, Soups, Nepali Dalbhat, etc., will taste better than anywhere else.

The main tourist destinations of Ilam, such as Kanyam, Maipokhari, Pashupatinagar, Sundarpani, Sri Antu, Sandakpur, etc., have good homestay facilities for food and accommodation.
The journey can become more memorable with the pleasure of Eastern Nepalese rural hospitality.

Regarding cost, it is the same as in other places in Nepal. Compared to the Terai region of Nepal, food and snacks are a bit more expensive in the hilly areas due to transportation. However, lodging expenses are not costly; they can be cheap.

Phidim Bazar, Mystery of the Pathibhara Dham
Along the way to Pathibhara, “File: Phidim Bazar.jpg” by Bb8-bosco is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Suketar (Taplejung) to Pathibhara Dham journey, an exciting feeling in life

In this article, we have received information about various matters related to Pathibhara Dham’s visit.

We also discussed the various scenic areas of eastern Nepal that can be visited, along with the mystery of the Pathibhara Dham.

But all the facts mentioned so far were only limited to how to reach Suketar airport in Taplejung.

In the next chapter, we will provide all the necessary information about how to reach Suketar Airport (Taplejung) to Pathibhara Dham and return.

To do so, click here and read another page of this website for all essential information.

Amazing Pathibhara Dham: All You Need To Know Before You Go

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