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Must-visit Places in Chitwan For Nature, Love And Fun (2024)

Enjoy Chitwan with jungle safari, observation of site views, and religious diversity

Most of us think that the main reason for visiting Chitwan is Chitwan National Park. However, we must understand that this place is not limited to national parks.

Although Chitwan has a wide area of famous protected forests that are listed as world heritage sites, this is not the only feature of Chitwan.

There are also many valuable religious, cultural, and natural heritages worth seeing around Chitwan.
Also, the dignity of all those important places is gradually increasing at the national or international level.

Greater one-horned rhinoceros at Chitwan” by Aditya Pal is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Chitwan National Park: One of the most successful campaigns for wildlife conservation in the world

First of all, do not miss visiting Chitwan National Park, because we must reach there to encourage this park, which has achieved great success in world wildlife conservation.

Chitwan National Park is famous for the conservation of 68 animals of mammals, 56 animals of herpetofauna, and fishing grounds, especially the one-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, and the conservation of Gharial Gohi (Crocodile).

Chitwan is one of only two elephant reserves in the world. Similarly, crocodile farming can be an exciting spot.

Chitwan National Park in Nepal” by Oregon State University is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So, If you are lucky enough during the elephant safari, you will also get a chance to see some of the world’s endangered animals, including the one-horned rhinoceros and the Bengal tiger.

The practice of bathing with a water fountain thrown from the trunk of an elephant is also a model for vampires coming to Chitwan National Park. Because such an opportunity rarely comes.

Tharu Caste Museum and cultural program are wonderful parts of Chitawan, as the exhibition of various sculptures, art, cultural costumes, daily household fixtures, style household, and communion about the history and origin of Tharus can give you a new pleasure.

Places to see in Chitwan after National Park

In this way, after visiting Chitwan National Park, the following list should not be forgotten as they are significant historical and natural heritages, even though they all surround Chitwan.

Shaswat Dham (Eternal Pilgrimage)

Shaswat Dham is a Hindu religious and tourist destination located on the East-West Highway at Devchuli in the Nawalparasi district of Nepal. It is located only 23 kilometers west of Chitwan Narayanghat City at Dhamkol station in Nawalparasi district.

Such a beautiful Dham built by the private sector will hardly be found anywhere else in Nepal.

But whoever visits there is fascinated by the religious and ancient art there. This modernly constructed Dham is capable of fulfilling the wishes of devotees and visitors.

shawat dham chitwan
Ekambareshwar Shiva Temple Dumkauli Devchuli Municipality Sashwatdham Nawalpur Nepal Rajesh Dhungana (4)” by Rajesh Dhungana is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This Dham is also known as CG Dham because it was built by Nepal’s richest man, Vinod Chaudhary, and his business group, Chaudhary Group or CG Group.

There is also a temple of Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion and a Gurukul school (Ancient language ‘Sanskrit’ School) conducting as Vedic customs. There is also a museum and a beautiful Garden. In CG, Dham is a spiritual center of yoga and meditation in this Dham.

Apart from Above all, the architecture in the structure of this Dham is very touching and worth seeing. This Dham has been revealed in approximately 12 acres of land.

Devghat Dham (Devghat Pilgrimage)

Devghat Dham of Nepal is considered to be one of the most beautiful, holy, ancient, and famous Dhams. This Dham is located only 7 kilometers north-west of Narayanghat, the main city of Chitwan.

Whether you are a Hindu or not, this Dham is a must-visit place in Nepal because of the peace and charming nature the women have at heart.
As soon as you cross the suspension bridge built at the confluence of Kaligandaki and Trishuli rivers, along with the lush green forest, you will find temples, Dharamshala, and the precious city of sages and saints.

Passing through this religious city, you will reach the confluence of two huge rivers, Kali Gandaki and Trishuli. Every stone of the Kali Gandaki River here looks unique and attractive because this river has the ancient sacred stone Saligrama.

File: Pashupati Temple in Devghat.jpg” by Nawrj is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

There are also many mysterious caves here. Sanskrit schools and many Ashrams have also been built in this Dham, where many saints and devotees reside.

Therefore, we can say that Devghat is a beautiful and ancient holy developed place and tourist area of Nepal.

Triveni Dham (Triveni Pilgrimage)

Triveni Dham is located in Vinay Triveni Rural Municipality in Nawalparasi District of Nepal, at a place known as Triveni Sangam, or Confluence of Three Rivers. It is the confluence of the Sona, Tamsa, and Saptagandaki rivers.

This area is the temple of the ancient Ramayana story, where Sita was sent into exile along with her two sons, Love and Kush.

triveni dham chitwan
Gajendramochha Dham Tribeni Nawalparasi Lumbini Nepal Rajesh Dhunjgana (2)” by Rajesh Dhungana is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Triveni Dham is also known as Gajendra Moksha Divya Dham. The religious theory is that Lord Vishnu himself appeared in this Dham.

According to religious history, while an elephant was going to the Narayani River to drink water in Satyayuga, the crocodile tried to kill the elephant by holding its leg, but at that moment, the elephant prayed to Lord Vishnu for help, after which Lord Vishnu appeared and used his Chakra into a crocodile and saved the elephant.

Many historical temples and shrines are also present at this place. Pilgrims from Nepal and India come here daily to bathe and visit the holy Triveni. Various Maghe Ausi fairs were organized here in January last.

This Dham is a significant religious place in nearby Chitwan Nepal, but there is a need to organize more physical facilities and infrastructure like a road, Dharamshala, restaurant, bathroom, and accommodation.
Seeing the glory and beauty of this Dham even today, one feels the lack of publicity.

How to get Triveni Pilgrimage

To reach Triveni Dham, you will have to reach Baraghat Bazaar and go south. Triveni Dham is located 70 km west of Narayangarh of Chitawan district on Mahindra Highway.

There are three lodges and an equal number of Dharamshala, apart from a few small hotels for food and accommodation.
Apart from these important areas, the approximately 200-foot-high Jalbire waterfall in Chitawan is worth seeing.

There is also a place called Sirai Chuli in Chitwan from where Annapurna Mountain, Dhaulagiri, Chitwan National Park, Narayani, and the flow of Rapti River can be seen attractively from one place.


Apart from this, the collection of many lakes here, Bisjari Lake, the newly constructed attractive Rani Pokhari in Shardanagar of Chitwan, etc., are also considered to be very worth seeing places, which should not be missed during the visit to Chitwan.

Tharu ethnic women harvesting fish from their farm pond in Chitwan, Nepal. Photo by Jharendu Pant, 2006.WorldFish is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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