Kanyam And Shree Antu: The Most Beautiful Places In Ilam

Kanyam tourism spot Ilam distrct Of Nepal

Ilam District: Where The Sun Appears At First In Nepal

Kanyam And Shree Antu, Ilam Nepal

There are many naturally beautiful places in the Ilam district of Nepal. but Kanyam And Shree Antu are such attractive hilltops that every tourist gets mesmerized.

However, there are many tourist spots in the Ilam district. Some of them are worth seeing, such as Mai Pokhari, Sandakpur, Salakpur, Gajurmukhi, etc.

Here, we have selected two places, Kanyam and Shree Antu (Sriantu), that tourists in Ilam, Nepal, most like to visit.

These two places are Kanyam, which has a beautiful mountain tea plantation, and Shree Antu Hilltop, which has attractive sunrise views.

Incredible Hilly Landscape In Kanyam

The hill peaks of Kanyam are so beautiful that it is not possible to describe them in words.

The lush green tea plants here seem like a scarf hiding the hilly terrain of Kanyam. And it looks like a wonderful creation made by any skilled architect.

Kanyam, located near the Mechi Highway, is full of tourists and picnickers these days who come to enjoy the open, lush green mountain views.

It would never be wrong to say that Kanyam is one of the most beautiful hilly areas of Nepal.

File:Living heaven in kanyam.jpg” by Hari gurung77 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

A lot of work is being done for tourism development in Ilam, and for many years, arrangements for homestays, hotels, lodges, and resorts have also been made in many villages.

Mechi Highway is the main tourist route of this region, which runs from the Jhapa district of Terai via Ilam, Pachthar district, and reaches the Himalayan pilgrimage of the famous goddess ‘Mata Pathibhara’ located in Taplejung district.

Shree Antu (Shriantu): For a mesmerizing sun-rising view

Similarly, Shree Antu (Shriantu) View Point, which gives a direct view of the sunrise over the Bay of Bengal or the sea, is the unique peak in Nepal that shows sunrise.

The amazing sunrise view makes everyone who goes there in the morning feel like heaven. Moreover, the beauty of the Himalayan model roofed Hotel and the picturesque pond in the middle of the mountain make it that much more romantic.

Both these places are only a couple of hours away by car, so both can be enjoyed in the same small package.

It is possible to enjoy Kanyam the whole day, stay at Shree Antu in the evening, and return to enjoy the sunrise tomorrow morning.

Pathibhara, Ilam

Pathibhara, Ilam, Kanyam And Shree Antu

If you are a religious lover, then you should not miss visiting the famous pilgrimage site of Ilam, Ilam Pathibhara Mata, before reaching Kanyam.

While going to Kanyam, the journey to visit the Pathibhara Mata Temple, located on the top of the hill amidst the lush green forest, at a very quiet and picturesque place at an altitude of about 2,000 meters near Kutidada, located on the way to Kanyam, is a different pleasurable forest.

The view of the natural scene surrounding and 1,000 steps down from the top provides a kind of calm and pleases the mind of every person going there.

Pathibhara Dham of Ilam is situated near the road, about 3 km before reaching Kanyam.

Therefore, after spending two hours in the morning visiting the Ilam Pathibhara Temple, coming down to the Kuttidada market, and enjoying the hot Nepali Thukpa with the round chilies here, going to Kanyam is considered to be the best itinerary.

Happy journey for traveling, Kanyam, And Shree Antu !!

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