Mustang Is A Piece Of Heaven Fell In the Himalayan Zone

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Mustang is a piece of heaven that feels like a different world

One of the mysterious places in Nepal is the Mustang, located in the northern hilly region of central Nepal. Many peaks and surroundings are covered with snow. People admire it saying that ‘Mustang is a Piece Of Heaven’.

Mustang is mainly famous for its historical cave, ancient kingdom, religious sites, fresh apples, and fascinating mountain scenery.

The mountains of Mustang are also historical and full of many mysteries; this place is also the kingdom of a very old monarchical ruler of Nepal.

Not only this, the Mustang area is also the area of development of an ancient human civilization because inscriptions and ruins confirm that there was human habitation here thousands of years ago.

Mustang, situated in the Gandaki province of Nepal, was also an important route of India-China trade in history because the main river here, Kali Gandaki, runs through the mountains from India to Tibet; the Gandaki Pass opened an easy way to cross the Himalayas.

Mustang, which gives a glimpse of Nepal’s unique natural dry hilly geography or hilly desert, has also been included in the list of places worth visiting in the year 2023 by CNN, a leading media house in America.

From the tourism and geographical point of view, Mustang has been described in two parts, Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang.

Lower Mustang refers to the lower area up to Kagbeni Ghat or Muktinath Pilgrimage, while Upper Mustang refers to the area above Kagbeni.

Mustang is also known as the district of mysterious caves.

Here, one can find mysterious man-made caves carved out of rock-like soil mountains thousands of years ago.

Mustang Is A Piece Of Heaven

Tens of thousands of such caves of different sizes are found at different places in Mustang. However, the mystery of why and when such caves were built and for what purpose remains a subject of research.

Despite the end of the monarchical tradition in Nepal, Mustang is still a strange state where ancient royal culture and pride can be seen in the tradition and the priceless heritage of the royal court.

Upper Mustang was a restricted area until 1992; it has also managed to become one of the most protected areas in the world due to its isolation from the outside world.

The strict rules imposed on the tourists who come here have proved helpful in preserving Nepalese Tibetan tradition. Most of the local people here still speak the traditional Tibetan language.

Mustang Is A Piece Of Heaven
File:Pilgrim showering under the 108 holy Taps at Muktinath-Temple – Mustang – Nepal – with friends filming.JPG” by Polyflux is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Mustang is a desert area of Nepal.

Although there is no desert region in Nepal, some parts of the Upper Mustang are dry and rocky. Which gives a glimpse of the desert area of Nepal. But they provide stunning views of the mountainous region.

The Mustang is not just a dry area; rather, it is a heavenly land where sweet Himalayan apples can be eaten in the garden. Many types of Himalayan apple dishes, beverages, and alcohol are also available here.

Apart from the numerous herbs, one can also enjoy the mountain cultural tradition in this hilly area.

This place is home to the famous Himalayan pilgrimage sites Damodar Kund (A sacred pond), Muktinath Dham (A historical pilgrimage of Hindus and Buddhists), Kagweni, as well as dozens of very beautiful and sacred Buddhist domes and the mysterious holy stone or Saligram of Kali Gandaki.

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Answering the question of what is worth seeing in Mustang is not as easy as answering the question of what not to see.

Significant places in the route of Mustang

Several significant places on the way to Mustang shouldn’t be missed. There are bungee jumping, Asia’s highest hanging bridge, Baglung Kalika temple located at a picturesque place, Galeshwar Dham (pilgrimage), hot water ponds, various waterfalls including Rupse waterfall, historical Marfa village, amazing Jomsom airport situated on the bank of Kali Gandaki river, Dumva Pokhri (A beautiful Himalayan lake)and like these many places can be seen as priceless sights.

Not only this, the Mustang is an attractive place to get Himalayan herbs, famous Thakali food, a store of Himalayan stone (Saligrama), Gurung, and Tibetan art, culture, and lifestyle.

Perhaps there is no such easy way to see the mountain ranges in the lap of the Himalayas anywhere else in Nepal because our vehicles can reach every major area of Mustang.

Mustang Is A Piece Of Heaven
Lower Mustang region of Nepal, between Jomsom and Marpha.” by Eriktorner is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Spectacular Mountain Scenery

There are 85 snow peaks in the Mustang district alone. Among these, the highest mountain in Mustang district is Nilgiri North, which is 7061 meters high, while the most famous and beautiful peak is Jakrijung Peak, which is 6300 meters high.

Mustang is also called the district beyond the Himalayas because to reach Mustang; one has to cross huge mountains above 7-8 thousand meters. After reaching the Mustang, those huge mountains are visible towards the south.

But to cross the high mountains, we reach Mustang through the corridor of Kali Gandaki or the road built on the banks of the river.

However, while crossing the mountains via the Kali Gandaki River, at some places, one can see the white Himalayas standing on both banks of the river as if they are falling on our heads.

Although Mustang looks beautiful and strange wherever we look, the Himalayan landscape that can be seen on the hilly road from Kagbeni to Muktinath and on the open plains above Mustang is a mind-blowing sight.

This is an experience of such a wonderful view, which you can never get by watching a photo or video of the mountains taken by someone else on the camera.

Therefore, it can be said that the Mustang is a piece of heaven that has fallen in Nepal and is a golden destination to see in life.

Mustang Is A Piece Of Heaven
Nepal Airlines Twin Otter in Jomsom” by Solundir is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

How to reach Mustang?

To go to Mustang, there are plenty of vehicles like buses or small jeeps from Nepal’s famous tourist city Pokhara. But if you want to get to the heart of Upper and Lower Mustang, it can take up to 4.5 days, so it’s better to go in a private or reserved vehicle rather than a rental car.

Nowadays, tourist packages going to Mustang are also available from anywhere in Nepal. In this type of package, you will get the guide’s facility along with food and accommodation. This package will also be comparatively much cheaper.

Apart from this, for Jomsom, reserved helicopter and public airplane services are also available from Pokhara.

However, due to the need to cross very high mountains while going to the Mustang and due to sudden weather changes, the Jomsom air flight may get postponed many times.

Happy journey !!

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