23 Amazing Sites Must See In Mysterious Pokhara (2024)

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Where to Go and What To Do In Mysterious Pokhara


The mysterious Pokhara is situated at an altitude of 827 meters above sea level and about 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu city. It is a beautiful city full of many lakes and natural caves. Pokhara is existed almost in the center of Nepal.

Almost everywhere in Pokhara is surrounded by green forests. They always welcome tourists coming from all over the world by showing them the beautiful Himalayan scenery of the North.

That is why it is said that as beautiful as this city is, it is equally peaceful and clean and wins the hearts of tourists.

23 Most Amazing Facts About Mysterious Pokhara
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Pokhara is a good holiday destination

Pokhara is a good holiday destination. Since this valley not only has a variety of natural beauty but also exciting sports, hotels of various standards, and nightlife can be enjoyed.

Phewa Lake is situated in the heart of Pokhara. Most tourists like the banks of this lake. Where most of the tourists gather and enjoy the beauty of the lake throughout the day. At night, enjoy food, music, and discos in restaurants of different levels.

Pokhara is also the gateway to visit the Himalayas or go on Himalayan trekking. From here, you can go to places like Mustang, Upper Mustang, Annapurna Trekking, etc.

It is not possible to give all the information about all the places worth visiting and recreational places of Pokhara in a single article.

Therefore, for our dear readers, in this article, we are only giving general information about where to go and what to do in mysterious Pokhara.

23 Most Amazing Facts About Mysterious Pokhara
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Where to Go and What To Do In Pokhara

There are many places worth visiting and entertaining in Pokhara, and the following places are considered to be the most popular.

23 amazing places and things to do in Mysterious Pokhara

  1. Coastal tour of Phewa Lake, Vegnas Lake, and Rupalek, and sightseeing
  2. The joy of paragliding
  3. Enjoy boating in your favorite lakes
  4. The unique sight of water fountains disappearing underground at a place called Davis Falls
  5. Study observation of the mysterious and unique Mahendra Cave or Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave
  6. Observation of bat caves
  7. A unique sunrise view from Sarangkot Peak and a panoramic view of the entire Pokhara city and Phewa Lake.
  8. Study tour of the Himalayan Mountaineering Museum
  9. Visit and observe the temple of Bindwasini Devi, which is considered to be a famous religious place in Nepal
  10. View from Mahendra Chowk of the mysterious Seti River flowing through the earth
  11. Tour of Rupakot tourism area
  12. Observation of the famous Vishwa Shanti (World Peace) Pagoda
  13. Visual observation of the huge Shiva idol situated on a high and picturesque peak
  14. The thrill of bungee jumping or site seeing
  15. Unique fun of zip line
  16. Observation of mountain animals and birds
  17. Site scenery of lush green hillside and Himalayan views
  18. Tasting of local cuisines
  19. Enjoy nightclub and night-life of Pokhara
  20. Gateway for famous Annapurna Base Camp trekking, significant pilgrimage Muktinath, Galeswar Dham, and Damodar Kunda, Lower and Upper Mustang, Ghandruk, Lumle, Ghale gaon, etc. famous hilly regions tour.
  21. It is the easiest place for short-distance trekking to experience hill locality
  22. An overview of Nepal’s educated tourism sector, where everyone from children to the elderly knows the importance of tourism, and all types of people have a high level of ability to understand the English language, which is higher in Nepal than in other places.
  23. Visit many more suitable and pleasant places that interest you.
23 Most Amazing Facts About Mysterious Pokhara
Conquering the Himalayas…Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal. EXPLORE” by drburtoni is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In conclusion, Pokhara is a place with so much tourism potential that it is not possible to write everything about it in this short article. Therefore, we are only talking about 23 important temples in Pokhara.

However, this fact or information will still be incomplete because, by the time this article is published, there may be many more changes.

So, we wish you all the best on your trip to Pokhara and request that you enjoy the area as you are interested.
Happy journey !!

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