35 Amazing Facts About Science And Technology

Amazing facts About science

35 Interesting Facts About Science And Technology that may amaze you

Many amazing facts about science and technology can blow your mind. Enjoy reading 35 Most Interesting Facts About Science and Technology ahead, That sounds incredible.

Amazing facts About science
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  1. Bananas are radioactive, We’d need to eat ten million bananas to die of banana-induced radiation poisoning.
  2. The rings we see around Saturn are 90% water. 
  3. It’s impossible if we want to burp in space.
  4. There are an estimated 8.7 million live species on Earth, and more than 80% of them have not yet been discovered. It is estimated to take more than 500 years to recognize all scientifically.
  5. Diamonds and pencils are made of the same material but in different aspects.
  6. Sunlight can dig deep into about 80 m. in the ocean.
  7. Ants are capable of carrying objects 50 times their body weight.
  8. The Solar System formed about 4.6 billion years ago.
  9. A day is longer than a year on Venus.
  10. The Earth spins at roughly 100 miles per hour and travels through space at around 67,000 mph.
  11. Rabbits can hear sounds as far as two miles away.
  12. The deepest part of the ocean, the Marina Trench, is 36,200 feet down.
  13. Arachnophobia is a disease of the fear of spiders.
  14. Octopuses have three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood.
  15. Glass is neither a liquid nor a solid.
  16. The sun is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit hot.
  17. Australia is wider than the moon. Since the moon’s diameter is 3400 km, while Australia’s diameter from east to west is almost 4000km, isn’t it wider as a flat dimension?
  18. Life could not exist on Earth 2.3 billion years ago due to temperature.
  19. An elephant can smell water up to 3 miles away.
  20. There is enough toxin in a pufferfish that can kill 30 adults.
  21. Our lovely fruit, apple, has 25% air, which makes it float in the water.
  22. The ocean produces Earth’s oxygen.
  23. The great horned owl has no sense of smell.
  24. The known universe is made up of 50,000,000,000 galaxies. Imagine its immensity.
  25. The moon is very hot. It is up to 224 degrees Fahrenheit, average during the day but very cold, -243 degrees on average at night.
  26. Shark corneas are being used in human eye transplants.
  27. Do you know? A handshake transfers more germs than a kiss.
  28. In an entire lifetime, the average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world. That means how many kilometres? we can calculate it.
  29. Human body bones are stronger than steel. Is it wrong? Human bones are capable of supporting a size of up to 18,000 pounds.
  30. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 136 degrees F in El Azizia, Libya, in 1922.
  31. Do you think it is cloud light? Nop, A cloud can weigh around a million pounds.
  32. The human brain can store as much information as the entire Internet. Think about it in GB slowly.
  33. Killer whales are not whales at all, but rather a species of dolphin.
  34. The entire Mars is as cold as the South…

Amazing facts About science
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