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“ANAUTHO SATYA” is a site that regularly posts online content to highlight the world’s amazing, mysterious, funny, and hidden real facts, including Nepal.

Nepal is a beautiful country, like heaven, while our world is full of unimaginable and incredible wonders.
Therefore, this website has been created to highlight various interesting and surprising world topics, including Nepal.

The website name ‘Anautho Satya’ comes from the Nepali language.
In the Nepali language,
the word “ANAUTHO” is used in various senses, such as amazing, extraordinary, strange, weird, wonderful, and surprising, while “SATYA” means truth.
Therefore, the meaning of the website “ANAUTHO SATYA” is that it means amazing or surprising truths should be understood.

We are sure that reading or watching the content published on our website will not only be a fun experience for you, but you will also be surprised to read strange facts. At the same time, you will also get information about various facts about the world, including Nepal.

This website is operated under a group named ‘KCDD’ in Nepal. Its participating members are working in various intellectual fields. We hope their content will be valuable and readable for this site.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for improving this site, please don’t hesitate to let us know through our contact email below.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in us and visiting this site.

The ‘KCDD’ team

Email: infokcdd@gmail.com

Authors Of the website Anautho Satya

* Introduction Of KCDD Group

‘KCDD Group’ is a group of enthusiastic Nepali youth working in various creative fields. Professionally, we work in multiple fields, such as engineering, teaching, commerce, and arts.

But, whenever we have free time, writing something new and exciting, researching topics based on them, and sharing the unique experiences of our lives on the internet becomes one of our collective tasks.

Based on our experience, expertise, and research, we believe our creations will provide exciting and tangible things.

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