Appreciation & commitment

We often use content on our website, including photos/videos from Creative Commons websites and their associated creators. To which we are very grateful.

We want to give due credit to these online content creators or contributors. Therefore, to the extent possible or available, all such content posted or uploaded to our site will include credit or attribution to the creators.

However, modern technology has successfully provided us with such materials, including photos, automatically within the website. But, in some cases, due to various reasons, the attribution or details of the creators are not included or are missing.

In such a situation, we feel sad because at least we could not appreciate their excellent material. If any of them have missed the attribution or details of the creators for technical reasons, then we apologize.

We always respect the contributors or creators and are always vigilant to keep the copyright of their content safe and intact.

However, any copyright infringement has occurred anywhere within our website, any typographical error has occurred, anyone has been seriously affected by anything in our publication, your feelings have been hurt, or you have any dissatisfaction with our publication or complaints, please let us know with full details of such matters or email us.
We are always ready to correct those errors.

A big thank you to all the helpers and supporters, including the following sites from where we use visual content, the company that provides us with such a beautiful and easy-to-use template, plugin creators, our great readership, tex content contributors, etc.

We Appreciate to :

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